XCMG has become a warm and loving world-class enterprise that has stuck to its original intentions

XCMG has become a warm and loving world-class enterprise that has stuck to its original intentions

Earlier this year, the COVID-19 outbreak became the world's most significant public health crisis. Affected by the epidemic, the performance of the global construction machinery industry in the first quarter has been affected in varying degrees. After entering the second quarter, the domestic construction machinery industry became more and more stable.

According to the semi-annual performance report recently released by XCMG, the main business income of XCMG in the first half of the year increased by 17% year on year, and the total export volume increased by 14.3% year on year. XCMG topped China's export chart of all brands in January and remained No.1 among Chinese construction brands from February to May.

With the rapid development of the global economy and the unprecedented prosperity of the infrastructure industry, more people have been paying close attention to the construction machinery industry. Thus, in recent years, China's construction machinery industry has developed by leaps and bounds. From scale expansion to connotation improvement, XCMG has seized every opportunity to make full efforts in high-end technology innovation and market internationalization.

In many national large-scale project construction sites, not only can we spot XCMG star products, but also gain insights into XCMG's corporate social responsibility.

XCMG has set up various public welfare platforms in 15 countries and regions, including Sichuan Province, Ethiopia, Brazil, Guinea, and the Democratic Republic of The Congo. Every year, XCMG provides more than 24,000 left-behind children and aspiring youth with the opportunity to dream by delivering them love and hope.

Affected by the outbreak, XCMG has given full play to the advantages of overseas organizations, mobilized global resources and donated money and materials. At the same time, XCMGers fought on the front line, helping to construct domestic anti-epidemic hospital and spread great love during difficult times.


Love is the trust and responsibility between people, but it can also be defined as the continuation of spirit. XCMG's mission and responsibility is to make the world a better place by being a world-class enterprise filled with warmth and love. XCMG will join hands with partners from across the world to spread the power of love. At the same time, XCMG will support China's construction machinery industry in its mission to forge ahead with technological innovation and will continue to contribute wisdom and solutions to the country.