Annual operating time high up to 6,000 hours! Powerful strength of XCMG wheel bulldozer fully demonstrated in Siberia!


In just two minutes,

a bowl of freshly cooked noodles

is frozen to a standing icicle.

This is the power of the cold winter

lasting for half a year in Siberia.

In such extreme cold weather, human activities are severely hindered, while the construction machinery is still busy working in the West Siberian open-pit coal mine. XCMG DL560 wheel bulldozer spreads its arms and swings its shovel in the ice and snow, creating a smooth road and winning the recognition of the fighting nation.

Extreme conditions VS powerful equipment


The extreme cold makes the rock in the open-pit mine harder. In the perception of practitioners in this mining area, only mining machinery of European and American top brands are competent for works in such extreme weather, especially large-tonnage mining machinery. However, any existing perception can be broken for the improvement of operation efficiency and value benefit.

Russian customers visited XCMG intelligent manufacturing base for large-tonnage loaders

Bulldozers are important machinery for open-pit coal mining. In May 2019, two units of XCMG DL560 wheel bulldozers entered the mining area and took on the work of road cleaning and cutting surface leveling in the operation area with outstanding operation efficiency. The timeliness of cleaning and the smoothness of cutting surface are closely related to the mining progress. Previously, all the products in service here were top European and American brands.

XCMG DL560 wheel bulldozer is internationally advanced engineering equipment, integrating the wisdom of XCMG overseas R&D platform and aiming at the high-end market of Europe and the United States. This model adopts the classic XCMG 12t super-large tonnage loader platform with a super strong loading capacity, maximizes the power efficiency and greatly reduces the fuel consumption. Material optimization and cold-resistant treatment are conducted for the key mechanism to adapt to the extremely cold operating environment perfectly.

Real gold does not fear the test of fire

By May this year, two XCMG DL560 wheel bulldozers have worked for more than 6,000 hours in the 1-year period, and are highly appreciated by the management personnel of the mining area with the good performance of attendance rate above 90%.

During the operation, XCMG DL560 wheel bulldozers withstood the Siberian cold current and high-intensity operation test of 22 hours a day. Compared with the top brand equipment in the same working face, XCMG DL560 wheel bulldozers not only has strong power, but also saves unit oil consumption by 10%-15%, making customers surprised and helping the mining area achieve a new breakthrough in operation efficiency improvement and cost saving.

SBU Group Alliance, a Russian newspaper, published a report titled “New Products”. The article detailed the excellent performance of XCMG wheel bulldozers, compared them with the classic products of the world's top construction machinery brands, and concluded that XCMG products had significant comprehensive advantages. 

"We’ve decided that we will continue to purchase XCMG large-tonnage products including DL560!" This is the most touching praise and encouragement XCMG has received from users.